September 16, 2009

Amy Butler and Satin Moon

Posted in Techniques and Materials tagged , , , at 8:53 pm by satinmoon

Amy Butler keeps making a bigger and bigger presence at Satin Moon. She has some tantalizing new photos on her website.

I can hardly wait until the fabric representative comes to show me the samples. I have been waiting to see the fabrics since Amy announced them at the Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh. Let me know what you like, I cannot order them all, so l’d love your input on the must have’s.

Here are some cute skirts we have made for the skirt class starting tomorrow. I made the lipstick skirt, by Bananfana and Maureen made the two great Barcelona skirts and over skirt. My daughter plans to wear them over tights, and since they are lined, they will be perfect for winter here in the temperate rain forest!

Here are a few more of the ways we have been inspired to use Amy Butler fabric.

I would love to see your ideas. Have any of you been using her new software? We used it for the two pillows.


I just wanted to quickly say how MUCH I love the fabrics that Amy Butler creates. They’re always so colourful and modern. All the people my age just adore the stuff that Amy Butler comes up with! I’m excited to see what’s next! I still want to make an Amy Butler quilt!



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