September 14, 2009

Welcome to my World!

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Classes are underway at Satin Moon and sooo exciting!

Friday Denise’s Stack and Whack students were making magic happen!

That’s Gord’s gold quilt in the background. It was superbly quilted by long arm quilter Phyllis Wright on a Hobbs Heirloom batting.

He’s thinking of trying a black and white stack and whack quilt next!

Our flickr page has a set full of Stack and Whack pictures if you’d like to admire more quilts!


How perfect is it that Brenda chooses to talk about the Stack and Whack class today as I just finished my Stack and Whack quilt yesterday! Denise is a superb teacher, overall pleasant, hilarious, inspiring, and a delight to be around. You will not regret taking one of Denise’s classes!! Here’s a picture of my Stack and Whack quilt, how I love it so!



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  1. Camille said,

    Beautiful quilt Rory! Those photos make me want to try stack and wack!

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